MY HOME - Laundry Closet Tour

Harking back to my roots as a yacht stewardess, keeping my linen closet tidy is not open to discussion. A captain once told me that to see how well kept a yacht is, you need only look inside the cupboards. I keep that in mind when caring for my own home!

Housekeeping is much less of a chore when you open the closet to put clean sheets on the bed and you find them all tied up in a bundle with a lace ribbon and a lavender scented bag. 

This is my nod to Victorian housekeeping. Glue lace to the edges of the shelves too to add a feminine and pretty touch. If you prefer to have a loud and bright linen closet, using satin ribbons, colour coded for each person's bed.

Piles of fluffy white towels should always be folded the same way with no visible seams.

Each bundle of sheets has an ironed bottom sheet, top sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases (depending on how you make your bed).

Make your own linen spray to use when you are ironing or to freshen bed linen when you make the bed using: 2tbsp vodka, 6 tbsp distilled water and 10 drops of lavender oil. Combine in a spray bottle and mist the sheets and pillow cases lightly before storing in your airing cupboard. If lavender is for grannies, try using frankincense or ylang ylang.

Bed making is a real pleasure when it is surrounded by fresh scents and a sense of organisation. I like to change all of the bed sheets on a Sunday morning as Sunday night is bath night in our house and what better way to begin next week than with a fresh and relaxing nights sleep in clean pyjamas and sheets!