INTERIOR STYLE - Luscious & Botanical London home of Liza Giles

Shades of green, white and black dominate in the London home of stylist Liza Giles and architect husband Matt Giles. With such strong genes in design it is no wonder that this pair have created such a dramatic and thought through collection. This striking home caught my eye with the simple colour palette and wonderful use of texture around those colours.

The plants really make this place come alive. So many overly curated homes are full of perfection and lacking in a certain vibrancy. However, I love how this feels like a really healthy home, lots of light flooding in from the large windows and a happy atmosphere for the greenery to thrive in. This is a jungalow without being too jungle.

Visit Liza’s website for lots more beautiful images of her art direction, styling and home location.

Photos courtesy of JJ Media