HOUSE - Ardgillan Castle & Playground

One of our absolutely favourite places to go is Ardgillan Castle near Skerries in north Co. Dublin. We started coming here each time we visited Ireland from wherever we were living at the time. It is one of those places that ticks the box for everyone. Grandparents have a walk and head to the coffee shop, dogs are most welcome everywhere, there is a huge playground overlooking the sea that is good for kids big and small, there is a fairy garden, there is a long looping trail around the grounds if you want a long walk, there is a picnic area, I think you can even visit the house although I have never managed to do that. We just enjoy the playground to it’s zenith and Ricky the dachshund is in his element in the woodland and I drink in the view.

We had friends visiting recently from overseas and they wanted to see a castle. I thought “what better place?”. It was such a lovely sunny and warm day and the view was magnificent. The playground has a big rope spider web for climbing on for bigger kids, which suits us. Even when it is busy there, the space seems limitless and there is a huge grassy bank for rolling down. Release the inner child and have a good laugh in an incredibly beautiful place.