Two month anniversary of moving to Ireland. The harvest festival and my Fears

A capital F for Fears! In this short video I celebrate moving back to Ireland, how we are settling in and three worries that are associated with the relocation. Just press the play button amongst the flowers to watch the video.

This is it, real life and real fears.

Yet through it all I feel safe. I feel nurtured by the fact that I am home. 

Yes there are a million things to do and arrange and organise and do, but this time I can do it without wondering if I will be relocating again.

Ireland is not perfect! I was excited to leave was when I was 17. I only ached to come back when I had children of my own. 

Now we are here. The last box is unpacked. It is not yet home but I have high hopes for this little island country of mine.


Jennifer Ritchie