Choosing a Primary School in Ireland

Naively, we looked at three schools only before we moved back, and a fourth upon our return. I thought that we had covered all options - the local Roman Catholic national school, the local community national school (non-denominational or all denominational), the local Church of Ireland national school and the local private fee paying school. 

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Bought a car in Ireland - how hard was that!

A lovely welcome back home to Ireland. We have left Antigua in the Caribbean and moved to County Meath in Ireland to be near my parents as we find our feet on the auld sod. Getting here has been the fun part, but then the reality set in when we had to buy a car - this is no mean feat for immigrants to Ireland!

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Jennifer Ritchie
A Story about this Girl.

I am sitting at my desk in Antigua in the Caribbean surrounded by quotes, paperwork and packing boxes. The scent of jasmine blossom fills the air. The view from my desk, through the louvered window that lets in the warm breeze, looks over Galleon Beach and the sea entrance to Nelson’s Dockyard. The beach is dotted with coconut palms and the garden is bright with hibiscus, bougainvillea and flamboyant. I am overwhelmed with excitement, fear and busyness.

The phone rings and it is the job interview that I have been waiting for.

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