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I'm so excited to meet you", I said, possibly unnecessarily, but most evidently. Naydene is light, bright and gorgeous, like her paintings that explode out from your walls with a vivacity that asks you to stop and look closer at the layers of collage and colour that are her signature style.

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POTTERY / CERAMICS: Interview with SARAH FULLER at her studio and home in Antigua

I ask her when she took over the business, how long did it take before it could sustain her financially? "I carried on with my day job in the beginning" she says, "It was a couple of years before I thought it could go somewhere, before I saw the future potential, saw it morphing into my own thing." Now she employs between two and three people according to business needs all year round.

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INTERIOR DESIGNER - Charmaine B Werth at her home in Antigua

"I'm an island girl", she tells me. I can feel the vibe, from her beach chic home eclectically filled with strategically placed art collected over the years, patterned co-ordinated fabrics in the many seating areas and coloured tiles. What strikes me immediately is her beauty, then I find her warmth and sunshine. Like a cat that curls up elegantly on the sofa, so does Charmaine, a feline coil of grace and elegance, of polish and poise, I am won over within minutes!Charmain

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