The perfect place to live?

I have been long preoccupied about where the best place to live is. Indeed, I have been distracted by this musing since I was at secondary school.

Initially I wanted to live in America, because of the beautiful lifestyles depicted on TV - Grease, MacGyver - you get the era that I grew up in, right? Years later and fast forward to the magical and exotic land of Turkey, where I didn’t want to live, but where I met someone who had a profound influence on my life. Two years there and I shared my dream to have my own beautiful home - that I was on a quest to find it. But I kept moving and travelling. Buried deep was that challenge that I had set for myself as a teenager - my own house.

I spent ten years in Switzerland and despite viewing lots of properties for sale, it didn’t sit right for me. I didn’t want to make Switzerland my home. I couldn’t settle there.

There was an ethereal quality to life in the Caribbean after that. Tropical homes have that achingly beautiful lifestyle that is indoors and outdoors all at once, barefoot and sipping icy cool drinks.

So, I find it funny that I am back in Ireland now. This is the country that I escaped from. Yet somehow it is home and I’ve stopped looking for the perfect place. The perfect place doesn’t exist. The important thing is that I have realised that I need to stop looking. This preoccupation is a distraction that takes up so much of my creative brain space. Now it is time to get on with projects and ideas and to stop wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else. At the end of the day, we all know that the greenest grass is in Ireland.