Autumn in Ireland and the Succulent / Botanical Trend

Dear Journaling Friends,

The trees are in their Autumn beauty...

I walked the road and turned to call the dog who was dawdling behind me. Wow. The tips of the trees are shrouded in orange. Like sherbet DibDab the leaves are frosted and sparkling in the evening sunlight. Boom, just like that it is Autumn. My first Autumn in two years. Living in Antigua was an endless Summer, varying only in degrees of hotness. Now, in the same hemisphere, but many degrees apart, I am moving into a new season. I grabbed my camera.

"The trees are in their Autumn beauty"

William Butler Yeats 'The Wild Swans at Coole'

I find myself falling in love all over again, falling in love with Ireland. 

This perfect clover flower was in the hedgerow. When I got home the light was fading fast and dinner was almost ready in the oven, the kids were tearing each other apart on the sofa, so I had to be quick! I snapped a few shots outside with an ISO 800 and edited in Lightroom. 

Clovers last so long in water and they are so pretty on the table. If I have a mind tomorrow morning I will pick some for the breakfast table. I have been reading 'Botanical Style' by Selina Lake. I borrowed it from the library in Navan and have some new styling ideas to try out at home and at work. 

Succulents purchased at Avoca, Botanical Style by Selina Lake, flower press and bag my own.

Succulents purchased at Avoca, Botanical Style by Selina Lake, flower press and bag my own.

The whole botanical trend is really taking over at the moment and I see it around a lot. I went to Dublin last week and even clothes stores had small tables of succulents for sale. If you are not at all up with this trend, have a look at the Instagram #botanical or follow @thejungalow, @selinalake @labohemehouseofthewishingtrees

In Ireland, head to Temple Bar in Dublin and look up The Library Project. Inside their space, La Planta are selling exotic succulent plants. Experts in the field of exotic plants also include Jimi Blake of Huntingbrook Gardens in Wicklow and Harrington's Exotics in Saggart, Co. Dublin, a member of the ISNA. 

Outside Ireland, should you wish to source some very cool plants and have them shipped here, try Surreal Succulents in the UK.

Until next week.

Go n'éiri an bother leat.