A gardening game for the kids in Autumn

Gardening books by Beverly Nichols

Dear Journaling Friends,

If you could choose just one book to take with you, what would it be? 

Beverly Nichols, Merry Hall. Simple. I smile at every page. This week.

Next week, next book, I may answer differently. But at this moment, indulge me.

Ireland, and this new chapter in my life, has transported me back to the bygone era of my childhood. I am surrounded by the books I read as a girl, the dreams I had growing up, the people that guided me as a child, the countryside and houses that inspired me. 

Beverly Nichols transports me to that era of my burgeoning imagination. The eternal bachelor, the witty journalist, the man of great culture and ultimately the creator of eccentric characters, he inspires my love of gardens, old houses and revives the piano.

In this week's video, I shall share a game of gardening hide and seek inspired by Beverly Nichols. Click below to watch.

I am very excited to announce the at!rival of the pearl jewellery that I wear in all of my videos, is now available in my shop right here at the Garden of Poets. Do check it out. It is all handmade by my wonderful friend Julie and you can read her story on the designers page.

See you next week for more Irish tales. Don't forget to visit your local library and find some old treasures!

Library books by Beverly Nichols